Folks living in the Northeast region know that winterizing vehicles is so important, but sometimes the concept is confusing or unclear — or you’re not prepared. Before you know it, frigid temperatures bring in snow and ice that make the roads in your community treacherous. In order to decrease the likelihood of a dangerous crash during this period, cautious drivers should always spend some time winterizing their vehicle.

Some people believe that they only need to put chains on their tires in order to accommodate New England’s cold and snowy winter environment. But the truth is you’ll also need to address other susceptible parts of your vehicle – such as the anti-freeze liquids and windshield wipers – when winter rolls into town.

These are just a few of the key maintenance tasks you or a professional should undertake to fully winterize your car or truck:

Prepare Your Tires

Though your tires always play a paramount role in keeping your vehicle secured to the pavement, wintery conditions can cause even the most skilled driver to slip and swerve about. Accordingly, the onset of winter is a great time to have your tires replaced, particularly if your treads have begun to wear down. Some vehicle owners even opt to install specialized winter tires that excel at cutting through snow and ice.

As mentioned before, keeping a set of tire chains in your vehicle may also help you maintain a secure footing while traveling over snow or ice-covered roads. Tire chains are especially important for people driving in rural areas where snow plowing services are not regularly provided.

Check Antifreeze Levels

Next, you’ll want to be sure that your vehicle’s fluid levels are balanced to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Specifically, be sure that your vehicle has both enough antifreeze mixture and that that antifreeze mixture is composed of the proper ratio of antifreeze fluid and water. Should you need it, more anti-freeze liquid can be obtained at most local auto repair shops.

Install New Wiper Blades

Wintery roads can throw all kinds of debris onto your windshield. To ensure that you always maintain a clear view of the road ahead, be sure to replace your windshield wipers if you find that they inadequately clear away snow, ice, slush or road salt. This is especially the case if your wipers are more than a year old, as their blades can degrade when continuously exposed to the elements over the course of a year.

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Preparing your car for winter is an essential task that all mindful drivers should undertake each year. If you’re new to New England or simply want some tips on winterizing your vehicle from the experts.