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Customers reviews
My wife wanted to change the grill so we ordered this. Nice style and easily installed. She has a 2017 Sahara unlimited only thing was there is a sensor on the front not positive what it’s for but had to remove it and zip tie on top of the rail as the grill was unable to clip in with it in place. But not a big deal. Other then that was a seedless install.
Adam Sendler
Clights work great. l love them. Head lights were installed in under an hour. Fog lights took longer to install and taking the bumper off was a pain, but, they work great. I just work slow on the ground.
Mila Kunis
I love them. I put them in my 2018 JK. Very bright lights on normal setting. You’ll see all reflective signs on the road hundreds of yards ahead. Fog lights provide very useful lighting that’s low and near the front bumper. The high beams aren’t too much brighter than the normal setting. But they do illuminate your upper views and provide way more brightness than the stock high beams. They look cool. No halo ring, but it looks better without the option and no wire splicing. Buy them, it’s a very good kit and easy mod for your Jeep. 3 tools is all you need, and it took me an hour to put in all 4 lights.
Mike Sendler
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