Barbecue BBQ Grill Foukou with Lifting Lever

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Ideal for pork or lamb kebabs, souvla, chicken, fish, charcoal grilled sausages, burgers and sheftalia, Halloumi cheese and vegetables. This is a very versatile charcoal grill that can also be used to bake jacket potatoes (by wrapping the potatoes with the skin in aluminium foil and placing them directly on the hot charcoal). This grill is suitable for charcoal, hardwood or briquettes. Both the small and large skewers could be turned by hand if you prefer a more ‘hands-on’ barbecuing experience. Alternatively you could enjoy your beer whilst a battery driven or an electric motor automatically turns the skewers for you!
The Foukou comes complete with:

Adjustable lifting mechanism (lever system with wooden handles) for perfect grill control
High temperature, steel barbeque tray, heat resistant to 450 °C of size 70 x 33 cm

Auto-rotation, rust resistant, gear drive mechanism for 3 large skewers (for large chunks of meat - souvla)

Auto-rotation, rust resistant, gear drive mechanism for 11 small skewers (for small chunks of meat kebab - souvlaki)

11 small kebab stainless steel skewers of 40cm length with wooden handles

3 large souvla stainless steel skewers of 80cm length with wooden handles

4 rust resistant, galvanized steel, detachable legs of 50cm length (not painted)

N.B.: A motor is NOT supplied with this BBQ Grill.electric motor separately.

Detailed assembly instruction manual

Barbecue BBQ Grill Foukou with Lifting Lever
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