Are Jeep Wranglers Good In The Snow?

1. Above Average Ground Clearance

The Jeep Wrangler comes stock from the factory with 8.3 inches of ground clearance and up depending on the model and trim. This allows the Wrangler to drive over a lot of snow and even push through deep snow with less resistance than many other vehicles.

2. Optional 4 Wheel Drive

It goes without saying that four wheel drive is incredibly helpful in the snow. The more wheels getting power from the drive train the more traction you are going to have. Most models can shift into four wheel drive on the fly as long as you are driving slower than 45MPH which means if you find yourself in sketchy situation you have the ability to add more traction to the ground with a simple pull of a lever. The simple explanation is that the more traction your vehicle has the better it will be in the snow and other slippery situations.

3. Optional Locking Differentials

Depending on the model you choose your Jeep may come equipped with locking front and rear differentials. Without walking you through an in-depth explanation of what that means the short version is that 4 wheel drive vehicles rotate pushing power between all 4 wheels depending on a number of factors, but never all 4 wheels at the same time. Locking differentials sends power to all 4 wheels at once offering up the most amount of traction possible. Keep in mind due to physics locking differentials are only meant to be used at very slow speeds, but if you are stuck or pushing through exceptionally deep snow nothing but tank tracks themselves offer better traction. If you are curious about the nitty gritty of locking differentials checkout this post.

4. Heat Up Quickly

With on the road capabilities thoroughly covered above it is important to know what Jeep Wranglers are famous for how quick they warm up which means life in the cab is going to be nice and toasty really quick. It’s likely if you live in an area that gets lots of snow you have are going to love how well your Jeep heater works. It will defrost your vehicle quickly and keep you from freezing to death while out playing in the snow.

5. Excellent Tire Selection

Because the Jeep Wrangler is such a popular vehicle off-road it has an advantage that other vehicles do not which is tire manufacturers are constantly developing a host of solid all terrain tires and snow tires for the vehicle. Which means you can select a tire that is perfect for your driving conditions and style rather than consenting to whatever tire happens to work with your vehicle. Tire choice is as important as any other factor on this list, do your research and choose the right tire and you will be very happy in the snow.