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AFlorida-based SoFlo Customs' latest project features a Jeep Wrangler in orange Kevlar with a two-tone interior theme called "Cheetos". Well, that's okay.

The orange exterior and interior themes are just the tip of the iceberg - this mean-looking machine also comes with a very aggressive demeanor, as seen on the custom front fascia. The improved front end is complemented by a pair of auxiliary lights that provide extra visibility when needed. Beneath them are what look like perforated tow hooks - though we all know they're useful in tough off-road situations.

But is this build more than just looks, or is this a wannabe in warrior garb?
Steel rods, rock sliders, and bumpers indicate that this vehicle can get the job done, but there is no mention of axle upgrades or drivetrain changes. The one upgrade mentioned is a set of powerful Country Hunter M / T tires from Fury that allow the vehicle to be driven on virtually any terrain. But with no support modules, we suspect this rubber is only good for road noise on the highway.

Regardless, the final product is night and day compared to the simple and iconic look of the original. This version also features a raised vent hood, custom doors and side sills. There's no need for doors or a roof here - it's all about living the Cali Beach lifestyle.
Inside, the wrapped SoFlo Wrangler features a two-tone "Cheeto" interior with a black and orange color scheme that matches the vehicle's exterior color and combines contrasting stitching, color-blocked piping and quilting. SoFlo Custom is known for producing unique builds based on Jeeps such as the Wrangler and Gladiator. Compared to its other creations, such as the Wrangler 6x6 and Chevrolet Corvette-powered Jeep Gladiator 6x6, this orange construction looks relatively restrained. We use the term very lightly. At the time of writing, the aforementioned Wrangler version is not yet listed on SoFlo's website, but the typical Wrangler version retails for around $70,000. Value for money? We'll leave it to you to decide.
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